SA Politics

Parliament Parliament
The official parliament website. Very comprehensive and features how to visit parliament.

PMG The Parliamentary Monitoring Group
The PMG was founded by a partnership of NGOs to monitor and publicise the progress of legislation through parliament. The website also features a request service and links to political parties.

idasa IDASA
Idasa: the foremost NGO for the promotion of democracy in SA. Web site includes useful links including: the SA transition after 1990, overview of the SA constitution & government policy, and demographics.

SAgovt SA Government
The government's integrated website: overview of SA and government in SA; links to government web-sites and resources, latest developments.

TRC The Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The truth and reconciliation commission was an attempt to come to terms with SA's past and all its hostility.. this is the commissions' website

SA's majority party. Useful info and links and, yes, the Nelson Mandela homepage!

TRC The Democratic Alliance
SA's official opposition party

The Congress of SA Trade Unions

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