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Cape Town NGO Guide
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Development/ Donor NGOs
Page Contents
Community Housing Development
Donors Voluntary Work
The Community Development Resource Association work with development practitioners, organisations and movements who are engaged in social transformation with marginalised communities

Christian organisation providing a range of projects to the poorest communities.
Habitat for Humanity are active in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

The Development Action Group runs people-centered housing development projects and urban research

General Development Organisations
Catholic Welfare and Development
CWD runs a diverse range of projects including Neighborhood Old Age Homes, Community Business Services, Youth developemnt, Women in Need, Zikhululke Aids Project, Domestic Violence, Civil Education and Training Programme

Independent Development Trust

A state organization set up to proactively identify and optimize development opportunities in the poorest of poor communities

World Vision of South Africa
An internation Christian humanitarian aid organization

Action Appointments
Action Appointments runs a large database of development professionals seeking employment

Community Chest of the Western Cape
The community chest is a fundraising organisation that distributes resources to community service organizations to promote self sufficiency

South African Institiute of Fundraisers

Voluntary Work
Volunteer Centre
Provides volunteers from the public for over 150 organizations

Greater Good SA
Impressive network of organisations to support

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