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Cape Town NGO Guide
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Cape Town NGO Guide

Cape Town's NGOs
This is a guide to just a few of the NGOs working in Cape Town, divided up into several sections....

There are NGOs working to improve the social environment in Cape Town through support for vulnerable groups, sports, the arts and crime prevention, conflict resolution projects ~ see social NGOs

In the new South Africa NGOs are advancing a culture of democracy, human rights and advocacy for women , children, refugees, the homeless and other vulnerable groups ~ see advocacy NGOs

Cape Town has a unique and fragile environment and wildlife. There is a strong lobby of environmental organisations working to protect them ~ see eco NGOs

These are profound challenges in Cape Town, where the population has grown by a million people in 10 yearsDebate and research of economic issues ~ see economy NGOs and education

Health issues range from nutrition to fighting the spread and imapct of AIDS and caring for the disabled ~ see also health NGOs

Rural areas have particular challenges in terms of land reform, shelter, economic empowerment and health ~ see rural NGOs

For donors, large and 'umbrella' ~ see development NGOs

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