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Cape Town City Guide
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Learning English in Cape Town
Finding an English Tutor in Cape Town
Cape Town is a wonderful city in which to learn English. It is much cheaper than living in a European or American city, and it offers a beautiful place to study and so much to enjoy.

There are loads of beautiful beaches to choose from, a whole range of thrilling adventure sports and an active nightlife.

There are many language schools in Cape Town, almost all of them in the centre of the city, but at least one in Claremont in the suburbs. They offer a wide range of courses from basic to advanced and specialised courses, such as business English.

Some are internationally known schools, such as Inlingua in the Waterfront. Others are local, but just as good, and use internationally accredited exams. Carefully check out how long the school has been established and how widely recognised are the qualifications they offer. Compare the charges as well.

Most schools can help with accommodation.

Try the website www.saet.co.za Google should help you along! Good luck!
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