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Holidays in Cape Town & South Africa

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There are some outstanding tourist guides in Cape Town, people with abundant knowledge, passion for the country and skills as host and guide.

It will enrich your experience of South Africa to have a guide for at least one day on your tour. Some areas, such as the townships, can only be properly understood and easily navigated with a guide. Such day tours provide a much deeper understanding of South Africa.

In Cape Town the 'classic' guided tours are the Cape Peninsula, Winelands and townships. Hermanus (whales) and time in the city centre (shops, museums and history) are also popular. Allow at least 4 days to see Cape Town properly.

Safari lodges provide rangers, so a guide is not necessary on safari, unless you have employed a specialist safari guide.

Most tour companies and hotels can arrange a guide for you. For top-level guiding in Africa, and articles about some of the most fascinating people, places and projects visit www.greatguides.org
Most visitors from the UK, and many of other nationalities, choose to hire a car and drive themselves.

See our page on Audio recordings for a lead on excellent downloadable audio tracks and information. Cape Town has an enormous amount to offer, and is a fascinating city. If you do not have a guide then the recordings will provide you with insight that will greatly enrich your experience.

Consider taking a township tour whilst in Cape Town, this cannot be undertaken self-drive. If well led, this will give you a memorable, and uplifting experience.

Typically you will find the quality of roads impressive, and you will feel safe driving around. Remember that petrol stations only take cash.

Don't underestimate distances... the Garden Route is 5 hours from Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth/ Eastern Cape much further. Cape Town to Johannesburg is equivalent of London to Rome. It often makes more sense to fly (there are good budget airlines, try kulula and 1time) and pick up another car.
Many foreign and local tour companies offer coach tours. Often the tours pack in destinations all over the country and thus cover huge distances in a short time. You may well prefer to spend much more time in one place: Cape Town deserves 4 days, likewise the Garden Route, for instance.

Consider the advanatages of the freshness, individual care and flexibility of a private guide.

The page on Audio recordings on this website will give you leads for high standard introductory audio and other downloads about the country.

Springbok Atlas is a long-established company offering coach tours.
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