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Cape Town Museum and Gallery Guide
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SA Museum & Planetarium District Six Museum The Castle
Slave Lodge SA National Gallery Robben Island
Gold of Africa Museum Jewish Museum
South African Museum and Planetarium
The S. A. Museum set in the beautiful Company Gardens is definitely worth a visit. Highlights include the huge Whale Well filled with real whale skeletons, the dinosaur and rock art displays and the fascinating shows at the Planetarium.

Enquiries: tel. 021 481 3800/3900

SA Museum
District Six Museum

The District Six Museum commemorates the area of District Six that was destroyed under the Apartheid Group Areas Act from 1966. The poignant displays provide excellent insight into the trauma experienced by people forcibly removed from their homes in the old South Africa.

Enquires: tel. 021 466 7200
Address 25A Lower Buitenkant Street, opposite Caledon Square Police Station.

The Castle

The Castle is South Africa's oldest building (1679). Inside this pentagonal fort is the old Governor's House and the excellent William Fehr collection of Cape art and ceramics dating from the 17th century.

Enquiries: tel. 021 464 1260

Cape Town Castle
Slave Lodge

This is the second oldest building in South Africa, originally a 'slave lodge' and later the Supreme Court. It is now a cultural history museum with a section on slavery and artefacts not only from Cape Town's history, but also ancient and global civilisations.

Enquiries: tel. 021 460 8240

The Bo-Kaap Museum recreates a typical 19th century Cape Muslim family home and portrays aspects of Cape Muslim culture.

Enquiries: tel. 021 481 3939

Waterfront Hotels
South African National Gallery

The S. A. National Gallery has some traditional European works, but is trying with mixed success to incorporate modern African works. The Old Town House on Greenmarket Square is a marvellous building and has a number of Flemish works.

Enquiries: tel. 021 467 4660

Art Exhibition
Robben Island

Robben Island became internationally known as the isolated prison of many black political leaders, including Nelson Mandela. The island is now a museum and nature reserve. Unfortunately the organisation and quality of tours on the island is sometimes poor.

Enquiries: tel. 021 409 5100

Mandela's Cell
Gold of Africa Museum

The Gold of Africa Museum houses a comprehensive collection of gold creations from sub-Saharan Africa. It is situated in Martin Melck House.

Enquiries: tel. 021 405 1450

Jewish Museum

The South African Jewish Museum offers visitors a truly unique experience with its bold architectural design, interactive multi-media displays and engaging accounts of South African Jewish history.

Enquiries: tel. 021 465 1546

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