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The KhoeSan
The First Capetonians The San People The Khoekhoe Bibliography & Contacts
Introduction: KhoeSan, the First Capetonians

The earliest human communities ever recorded lived in sight of Table Mountain (see Prehistory). Rock art left by these communities dates back 27,000 years.

In due time the San and Khoekhoe groups emerged from among these peoples.


Rock Art left by the San
The San People

For perhaps one hundred thousand years, until the nineteenth century, the San people lived by hunting and gathering in small nomadic 'bands' in the mountains north of Cape Town.


San Woman

The name Khoekhoe means 'men of men'. 2,000 years ago, they brought sheep herding to the Cape.

By keeping sheep and cattle they enjoyed a stable, balanced diet and could live in larger groups than the San. They grazed their herds in the fertile valleys.

Clans lived with their chief in kraals making their small homes from reed mats covered with animal skins.



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